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Another satisfied and educated customer…

This is what I love to hear!

So we just did a lot of stuff on our house with regards to energy savings.  I told the folks we used that I would pass their names on as they did an excellent job for a fair price (and we shopped).  We had 3 energy audits done so I was pretty sure about what was needed at the end of all of the interviews, ladder climbing, etc.

We chose Go Green (www.atticefficiency.com).  A guy named Timm came out and we went through each area, the problem ones we knew about and the suspected problem ones.  We ended up changing all of our lights (canned housing) and light bulbs, weatherizing inside, installing heatblock spray radiant barrier plus insulation on all vertical/internal attic walls, and R49 blown in insulation for the rest of the attic, increased attic soffett sizes, weather stripped all external doors and light switches/wall outlets leading to the outside, put in attic tents, sealed vents, sealed leaky ducts (most was done by our A/C contractor but there are always some spots you can’t see or get to without doing further testing).

Our attic fans were ok so we left those alone.  They verified everything with a blower door test before, during and after to insure the fixes were ample.  The house is much more comfortable now and our changes apply for both Federal and City of Denton DME rebate/tax credit programs.  Now we just have to renegotiate our KWH rate with our current energy provider to max out our savings.  Our initial blower door tests showed we lost enough air to leave 2 or 3 windows open ½ way all summer (something to that effect anyway!)

Anyway, I said I would share the name of the company and so here you go!  We would definitely recommend them.  They were very thorough (I was too, it helped to be an educated consumer).  They had a pre-established price sheet so nothing was hidden or rolled into a fee like the other guys.  And since they don’t sell A/C systems, they didn’t try to gear us toward A/C work (we had that covered) like some of the other auditors did.

Tell them you want to talk to Timm if you can.  1-877-372-1199.   We are hoping that it will be a nice payoff the rest of the summer and through the winter.   They cover pretty much all things energy (except windows I think).  Their website is very informative.

So there you have it!  if you are interested in adding efficiency stuff, please tell them we sent you as we promised.  Our house is definitely more comfortable.  We just got our KWH rate lowered as well so we will have to figure out our overall savings but we feel it was much needed.

We also have a really great A/C company we have worked with for several years.  They just installed a 14 SEER unit with variable speed furnace.  We call them for everything.  (Air Force Heating and Air. (www.airforcem.com) The owner is Ron Strelke and we have put a lot of trust in him and his team).   We have recommended Ron’s team to friends over the years.  He works all over town.  A really great bunch of guys (and gals).

Thanks for listening!

Jim and Dorothy Meyer
Denton, Tx

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