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Schedule your home energy audit NOW. Avoid the CRUNCH…

At the risk of raining on anyone’s parade, it’s the cold hard truth of the world that, #1 – the Dallas Cowboys are at home, WATCHING the NFL postseason, and #2 – despite the Canadian-like winter we’ve been experiencing in North Texas, summer heat is right around the corner.

The time is fast approaching when the kids will be out of school, the leaves will be turning green, and the summer heat will once again begin to permeate our homes’ imperfect thermal boundaries. With that in mind, we thought it would be an appropriate time to remind our loyal readers that a home energy audit by Pro Energy Consultants of Texas can pinpoint the deficiencies in your home, so you can start working toward more perfect thermal barriers and air barriers with low-cost, high-impact upgrades like air sealing and improved insulation. Last year Energy Circle’s CTO, Tom Harrison, saved $1,000 on his home’s heating bills by making these simple upgrades, starting with a home energy audit to pinpoint what needed work, and costing, in total, a meager $1,175. Repeat: he invested $1,175 once, saved $1,000 in the first year alone, and will continue to save $1,000 each year (barring a hiccup in energy prices, in which case he’ll save more), forever. (We don’t promise this for everyone, but Tom’s home run isn’t that anomalous.) Now, it might still seem early to start thinking about ways to reduce your cooling costs, and that’s fine, but we’d recommend, if you think you might be interested in an energy audit later this year, at least contacting us for a free phone consult, and maybe setting aside a date some time in the near future for us to come in and assess the performance of your home.

A few reasons why:

1) You might be able to score a deal by scheduling your audit ahead of time.
2) April marks the start of the peak season for energy auditors and contractors. We know some whose dance cards are full already.
3) Getting your audit done sooner rather than later will allow you plenty of time to make the upgrades necessary to reduce your cooling costs this summer and heating costs next winter.
4) You know you’re gonna be busy this fall. Admit it. If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at our website: www.proenergyconsultants.com

On a final note, I do apologize for the home assessment talk during the NFL postseason. Blame it on the Dallas Cowboys.

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